Pay Per Click Management

Are you throwing away money trying to manage your own pay per click advertising?


Why You Shouldn’t Manage Your Own Paid Search Advertising Accounts

A lot of our clients come to us with paid search advertising accounts, like Adwords and Facebook Ads, that they’ve already configured.  We are able to make immediate improvements to the majority of these accounts – why?

Best Practices

Unless you’re a paid search professional or someone who has been working with Adwords or other paid search advertising platform for many years, it’s unlikely that you would know best practices for each platform.  Configurations that work in Adwords, might not work on Twitter and then there’s a completely different set of guidelines for advertising on Pinterest.  Frequently, you cannot use the same images and ad copy – and while hashtags might work on Twitter or Facebook, they are a big “no no” on Pinterest.  We work within these platforms on a regular basis and we know what works on each platform.

Constant Changes & Updates

Each platform changes drastically and frequently.  For example, Google Adwords used to allow you to show a different display URL than the actual URL of the ad landing page.  This configuration is no longer permitted.  Each paid search platform is in a constant state of development and unless you stay up-to-date on each platform and their features, you cannot possibly use each platform efficiently and effectively.